Nobody gets away with their hands clean.

The galaxy is a tough place, and between Imperial patrols, fledgling rebellions, and the machinations of a thousand would-be crimelords, sometimes the best a sentient can do is survive.

Working for the Tattooine crime boss Lady Valarian, a motley team of operatives crosses the galaxy, doing what needs to be done.

Barnes, the big-game hunter, who hunts arena animals for Valarian to pay off a family debt.

Elkhiouno, the disgraced Twilek professor, who hopes to regain his position in the academy and get his revenge on those who slighted him.

Hagan the Handsome, a brash pilot and thief with a nose for trouble and a twitchy trigger finger, still trying to pay off Valarian for that lost shipment.

Reen, an Aqualish and one-time Tera Kasi fighter, who throws her weight around while trying to help her cousin survive the dangerous career she almost didn’t.

Under a Black Sun

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