Under a Black Sun

Episode I

Under a Black Sun


Lady Valarian has sent a team to Coruscant to track down the Bounty Hunter Rockbottom (real identity unknown), who has stolen a shipment of spice from her. Their first job is to steal his data from Black Sun, to whom Rockbottom sold the spice.

The team stole the data successfully, but a silent alarm made a hasty retreat necessary. Running from Black Sun operatives, the party caught a cab, but the operatives gave chase on speeder bikes. The droid pilot was taken out by a blaster bolt, leaving the cab without a pilot. Elkhiouno took over driving, while Reen threw the destroyed droid at a speeder bike, sending it crashing into the streets below. After a brief chase, Elk successfully crash-landed the cab just outside of the industrial sector.

Elk led the team to the shop of a Mechanic named Chopper, a Besalisk associate of Valarian whom Elk knew from his days on Coruscant. Chopper let the team use his data station, and Hagan masterfully decrypted the Black Sun data, learning that Rockbottom is a Nikto named Kaa’to Leeachos. The information gives them a number of leads, including a Spice Bar called the Umbral Club, the Spyder Casino, and Zelcomm, a weapons manufacturer.

The party made their way to the Umbral Club. Cort got some info from the owner (with a little intimidation from Reen), and met with Speng, a greasy spice dealer who sometimes fenced for Kaa’to. In exchange for an Imperial ID they’d stolen, Speng told them that Kaa’to owed a significant amount of money to the Spyder Casino, and that he was pretty sure the Nikto was holed up somewhere in Sector 943.

The party made their way to Sector 943, but found it was much too large an area to do a narrow search without more information. Hagan picked up an old, broken-down sentry droid, bringing it back to Choppers so that Cort could try to fix it and turn it into a hunter-seeker. The droid was too damaged to be fixed, however, so the team decided to follow their lead at the Spyder Casino.

The team made their way to the Spyder Casino, where Elk made a chum of the friendly Chagrian bartender Pillaat. Pillaat offered up a lot of information about Kaa’to, confirming the Nikto’s debt and implying that the bounty hunter had become a problem for the owner, causing trouble and even killing off other gamblers to whom he’d lost. He introduced the team to Korsin Fenn, the owner of the Spyder, who invited the team into his office for a private chat.

Korsin Fenn, the Bothan owner of the Spyder Casino, confirmed what the team had learned about Kaa’to. He pointed out that Kaa’to had double-crossed just about everybody he’d ever dealt with, and at this point was too much of a liability. Fenn agreed to help the party in one of two ways: He could introduce them to a Black SUn Vigo to try to arrange an alliance, or he could get word to Kaa’to that there was a buyer for the rest of the spice shipment, setting up an ambush. The team suggested another course of action – infiltrating the weapons dealer Zelcomm and getting shipment information from the order placed by Kaa’to. Fenn agreed that this might work, and told the group what he knew of Zelcomm, though it wasn’t much.


There’s a gran in that picture! GRAN! GRAN! GRAN!

Episode I

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