Under a Black Sun

Episode II

Hitting Rockbottom


Worried about his dwindling supply of spice, Cort Brevis returned to the relative safety of The Lucky Despot. Informed by her associate Chopper that the team was having difficulty tracking down the now-identified Kaa’to Leeachos, Lady Valarian called in her expert tracker, a big-game hunter from Tattooine named Miglionico Barnes. Barnes joined the team at Chopper’s Shop, where a plan to capture Leeachos was already being formed.

The team was contacted by Nalah Targon, a Zabrak bodyguard they’d met briefly at the Umbral Club. She had heard the team was asking about Zelcomm Tower, and made a few guesses about why. She informed the group that Zelcomm is a smuggling front for Black Sun, and for reasons of her own, offered her assistance. She promised to deliver a tower access chip within two days, then returned to her post.

Elkhiouno and Hagan the Handsome spent the next day casing Zelcomm tower, looking for possible points of entry. They discovered that the tower was a virtual lockbox, with minimal entrances and high levels of electronic surveillance.

Reen and Barnes, meanwhile, returned to Sector 943, hoping Barnes might have better luck tracking down Kaa’to. On the way, Reen was stopped by Grewrys, a Wookiee Tera Kasi fighter and friend of Reen’s from her fighting days, and his “manager,” a young Devaronian girl named Bets Mareel. After a pleasant reunion, they told Reen about the new management their Tera Kasi team had fallen under, and the deplorable conditions the fighters now suffered. They had fled, and had asked Reen’s cousin Mola to come along, but she had refused. Bets asked if Reen would lend her voice to trying to convince Mola to leave the team, and Reen agreed.

Bets and Grewrys tagged along with Reen and Barnes to Sector 943, but Barnes found even his superior tracking abilities by the sprawl and decay of the abandoned factories. Even Grewrys’s keen nose couldn’t pick out anything over the grease and rust.

The next night, as promised, Nalah met the team outside Zelcomm Tower, giving them an access chip still implanted in a severed finger. Accessing the tower from the 4th story loading platform, the team infiltrated the tower interior and made their way to the ground floor, where they surprised a crew of guards. Stunning them before they had a chance to react, the team revived one guard so that Elkhiouno and Hagan could interrogate him. After a bit of “convincing,” he pointed them to the 50th floor, where access to the storage basement could be unlocked.

At the 50th floor command center, Hagan sliced into the main terminal, unlocked the basement, and located Kaa’to’s order information, which included his full address. They made their way to the basement and helped themselves to a few choice pieces of equipment from Kaa’to’s shipment. Hagan altered the order to cover their tracks, then the team headed for Sector 943.

At the Kelerium factory listed as Kaa’to’s address, Barnes found the Nikto’s trail, and followed it around the building to an abandoned office where Kaa’to was holed up. Rolling a stun grenade inside, the team got a jump on their quarry, but he shook off the blast and fled into the factory.

Following him, the team found themselves on a series of catwalks over the molten kelerium processing plant. Kaa’to fired from cover, wounding Reen, before using his jetpack to hover between catwalks. The team surrounded him and concentrated on keeping him out of cover, using numbers to their advantage while wearing down the bounty hunter. Elkhiouno pressed for surrender, but Kaa’to, arrogant and certain of his abilities, refused. Instead, he hovered nearby and produced an experimental thermal detonator, priming it and readying to throw. Elkhiouno made a careful shot, sending the off-balance Nikto plummeting to the molten kelerium below.

The team recovered Kaa’to’s datapad, which contained a cryptic message about a job on Bespin, as well as the access codes to his YT-2400 freighter, the Bloody Womprat. With Hagan at the helm (and happy to have a starship under his command again), the team took off, contacting Lady Valarian and telling her of their success. She happily accepted the news, and encouraged the team to follow the lead on Bespin, reminding them of her cut of any profit made. Finishing their business on Coruscant, the team set a course for Bespin.



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